Our law firm is composed by attorneys at law with more than 15 years of experience, who have been formed in the most prestigious and traditional schools in Chile, marked by excellence and innovation in the exercise of the broadest areas of law, and whose development focuses on personalized management of opportune solutions, according to the requirements of our clients.

About Us

BFC Abogados emerges from our concern for understanding the practice of law from a modern and dynamic perspective.

In this context, we steer in building relationships of trust and closeness with each client, in order to identify their requirements with a comprehensive and integral vision of each business.


José Luis Baró Ríos

Partner, graduate from the Universidad de Chile Law School, whose professional approach is linked to intellectual property of information technologies, advising and management in corporate governances and real estate, litigation and labor law.

Prior to BFC Abogados, he has worked for leading legal firms, companies and economic groups, focusing cur rently in advising entrepreneurs and startups linked to the digital environment. Besides, he has extensive legal and commercial experience in real estate business.

As partner he leads the intellectual property and copyright division, constitutional rights and litigation in Courts. He also is part of the corporate and business law area.

Languages: Spanish and English

Carlos Fuentes Retamal

Partner, graduate from the Universidad de Chile Law School, LLM in Corporate Law, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2018), Diploma in Business Law and Real Estate, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2012).

Prior to BFC Abogados, he served as a real estate attorney in Itaú Bank, former BankBoston, in charge of General Guarantees legal area. Moreover, he has broad  experience in indigenous and administrative law, by having served as legal counsellor of the Provincial Governorship of Easter Island.

As partner he leads the corporate law and real estate business areas of the firm, working as an external advisor to boards of different corporations and as a chief lawyer or legal manager of some companies in the real estate sector. He also is part of the civil and commerce litigation area of our firm.

Language: Spanish

Manuel Cacho Gálmez

Partner, graduate from the Universidad de Chile Law School, LLM in Trial Advocacy, California Western School of Law, San Diego, USA (2019); Diploma in Economic Public Law from Universidad de Chile Law School (2012); specialized in public and private litigation, with broad experience in administrative, civil and commercial law.

Prior BFC Abogados, he worked as an attorney at law for the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, Legal Division of the Department of Public Works, and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security, advising contract process.

As partner he leads the litigation and negotiation team, foreign clients representative, and public admnisitrative division. He also is part of the corporate and business law area.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Rodrigo Moraga Carreño

Partner, graduated in Universidad de Chile Law School, Diploma in Legal Anthropology and Indigenous Law: Perspectives for the application of ILO Convention 169 (2012), from the same University, has more than 10 years of experience in law territory, litigation and associated permits, water resources law, mining law and environment law, and in addition to his participation in BFC+ Abogados in the Geodesarrollo Company, also participating in courses on environmental legislation at Gabriela Mistral University.

He has focused his professional practice on Administrative Law, Water, Territorial Resources, Mining, Natural Resources and Litigation on these matters, working on various studies of highly complex property titles, participating in projects related to territorial planning instruments, drafting of contracts, and administrative and judicial processing of various issues related to mining projects, sanitary infrastructure, renewable energy and others.

At BFC+ Abogados, he leads the Regulatory Law, Natural Resources and Environmental Law.

Language: Spanish.

Nicolás Vidal Del Valle

Partner, graduated in Universidad de Chile Law School, Master in Literary Creation from Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (2011).

Before BFC+ Abogados, he worked as senior labor lawyer at Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría (PPU) law firm. Likewise, he also worked for Carey and Cía, Bofill Mir, FerradaNehme and Eyzaguirre Burlé & Montes law firms, in different areas of law, for which reason he also has experience in the general practice of civil, commercial, corporate and mining matters.

Currently, he focuses his practice on Labor Law matters, both in corporate and judicial aspects, participating in complex and high-value labor lawsuits, including litigation for violations of fundamental rights, work accidents, occupational diseases, dismissals and anti-union practices, being in charge at BFC+ Lawyers of Labor Law and Social Security Department.

Languages: Spanish and English.


⦿ Corporate Law

⦿ Business Reorganization

⦿ Due Dilligence

⦿ Compliance

⦿ Foreign Clients Representative

⦿ Investments

⦿ National and International Contracting

⦿ Real Estate

⦿ Strategic Negotiation

⦿ Litigation

⦿ Arbitration

⦿ Constitutional Law

⦿ Civil Law

⦿ Labor Law

⦿ DConsumer Protection

⦿ Intellectual Property

⦿ Public and Administrative Law

⦿ Inheritance and Family Law

⦿ Indigenous Law

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